Agnė Kondrataitė

Agnė Kondrataitė

Born 1982
Instagram: CeramageCeramics

For more than 15 years in my personal work I have been emphasizing the human figure, its plasticity, body dynamics, anatomical refinements. I portray a person in his own way — abstractly, expressively. In my art I value the form of the piece, the relationship between the elements, the proportion. I pay a lot of attention to the physical and the visual lightness of the object. I value individualism, therefore avoid straightforwardness – I leave the space for the viewer’s imagination.

Artistic direction – existentialism.

In 2007, I graduated with a master’s degree in ceramics in Vilnius Academy of Arts. I have held 5 solo exhibitions. Since 2003 I have participated in group exhibitions both in Lithuania and abroad.

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