Lina Pranaitytė, Urtė Pakers

Born 1990 & 1991
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bionicswave
Instagram: bionicswave
YouTube: https://vimeo.com/user17104589

BIONICS – Duo of interdisciplinary arts

We express ourselves through art and projects that combine both electronic music and elements of visual art. The foundation of creative process is teamwork and a combination of various materials and mediums involved while the result varies from an audio-visual performance to spatial objects and installation art. We are interested in exploring various links between science and art, matter and form, physics and philosophy. Music, video projections, installations, spatial objects, light, motion art – we believe these are elements can be combined to create a unique visual and sonic experience.

Sound is one of the most important focus points in many of our projects. We combine ambient, electronic, minimal, glitch styles and digitally transformed voice. The main focus is set on sounds frequency, timbre characteristics and their variations and the sound characteristics are based on atmospheric, multilayered, textural meanings.

The visual side is developed using different aesthetics such as abstraction, optic illusion, computer graphics, geometric shapes, typography. We like to emphasize the perception of space and the conjunction of real and virtual planes that is why interactivity achieved through sensory and mapping technologies plays a significant role in most of our projects. Space filled with various elements are perceived as open, dynamic and active manipulation of the senses.

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