Domas Ignatavičius

Born 1968.10.05
Facebook: facebook.com/domas.ignatavicius.5

I graduated from the stained glass specialty of the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, and studied conceptual art at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts for several semesters. In my work, I delve into the metaphysics of things, through which people’s relationship with everyday life is revealed. We live in the times of material abundance and daily changing fashion – with my objects, I try to stop that endless change, to look at things after removing them from their daily use, to reveal what they encode in themselves when their function is hidden by external materiality, a material shell. But is the functionality of an item the true essence of the item? I analyze the consolidation of things as human existence through various means of artistic expression, in objects or installations I use man-made artifacts that surround us in our daily life, their images or details. I also actively participate in the Environment and Light Art Festivals, where I discuss the environment by placing my created objects against it.

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