Domas Ignatavičius

Born 1968

In my creative work, I explore the life of objects, trying to answer the following questions: what is an object? What is its relationship to human beings? Is an object just an idea, and we only know its function? What does an object become when separated from its function, when all that is left of it is an image, and it is placed in a different context? We live in times of material abundance when the change of things is programmed in the process of their production – often they are not repaired, but recycled, becoming like fertilizer for other things. In my work I try to stop that endless change, to look at things by distracting objects from everyday use, I try to see what they encrypt in themselves – their function is hidden by external objectivity. I analyze the consolidation of things as human existence by various means of artistic expression – painting, glass objects, installations, art of light and environment, where I discuss with the environment by contrasting the objects I have created with it.

I graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts, where I obtained a master’s degree in stained glass, and for several semesters I studied at the Prague Academy of Arts in a conceptual art studio. Since 2021, I have been a member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Union.

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