Jonas Aničas

Born 1987
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonasanicas/

Jonas Aničas is a young-generation Lithuanian artist combining in his works several sculptural forms. The artist’s projects are conceptual, multilayered and open to interpretation; it brings the viewers face-to-face with a puzzle based on codes, symbols and references and involves them in solving it. In the creative process, Aničas gives only hints of certain contexts stimulating the viewer’s imagination and taking the story beyond the work of art. Aničas finds materials for his works in nature and periphery of cities: in the woods, abandoned buildings or deserted, rarely visited places. According to the artist, the things that he finds are part of the rapidly changing identity of the city and its authentic aesthetics. Once they lose their original purpose, these worthless fragments of material reality acquire a new form and become symbols of derelict places, in which they were found.

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