Tauras Kensminas

Born 1991

Sculptor and installation artist. For Kensminas, sculpture is a non-verbal way of telling a complex, multi-layered story. The thematic content for the works is created in an attempt to materialise difficult-to-describe situations, internal experiences, and the effects of different social and cultural contexts. In his work, sculptor Tauras Kensminas often looks for aesthetical links between civilisation and nature, simultaneously questioning the consequences of industrialisation and humanity’s imperialistic ambitions. By analysing the concept of changing time and the clash between the past and the future, the artist is seeking both personal and global awareness. His installations pieced together from individual elements like a puzzle stimulate the imagination without imposing a single correct interpretation of the work of art. Expanding the boundaries of an artistic object’s perception and its experience, the sculptor does not cling onto identical materials, while the abstract structures that he creates – which can sometimes also acquire concrete shapes – invite the viewer to submerge themselves in their intuitive cognition.

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