Goodhearter Wisher

Born 1987
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/virzbickasvytautas/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/goodhearter_wisher/

Goodhearter Wisher, formerly known as Vytautas Viržbickas (born 1987), mainly creates figurative sculptures and installations.

The artist’s works are visual, chaotic. Some works also feature brutal, untreated elements, such as a stripped-downheating system (‘Sandwich with Effort on Both Sides’, 2017) or the husks of worn tires (‘Problets’, 2018). All of the artist’s works feature the motif of helplessness, as if intentions contradicted, or never grew into, actions. This is how Goodhearter Wisher grounds his artistic alias (‘a kind-hearted wisher’) – as an idealizing character with grandiose ambitions.

Vytautas Viržbickas graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts with a master’s degree in sculpture and has held solo exhibitions at Le Magasin National Center for Contemporary Art in Grenoble, Si:said gallery in Klaipėda, and Vartai gallery in Vilnius; he has actively participated in group exhibitions at the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius, Nida Art Colony, art fairs such as Artisstima (2015) and Viennacontemporary (2016).

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