Guilty pleasures (tester)



Mixed media
Materials: Spring and tap water, used plastic materials, pigments, packed paintings
Size: 25x20x40 cm
Price: Nėra Eur

I have made this work to rethink personal consumption habits and pleasures in creativity and life. The melting ice sculpture hides packaged paintings. Forms of ice scupture are made by reusing plastic packaging that remains after consumption in the studio and at home.
The sculpture brings you closer to the experience of melting glaciers and the physical experience of time. By freezing the paintings in the ice sculpture, I play with the element of time, as if preserving what I would like to leave for future discoveries and rehearse the scenarios of high tides. I also aim to look at climate change from an archaeological perspective, where things that were under water or even frozen before are now being discovered. The melting work of art also reminds us of the limited time on Earth, temporality.