Nepasakyti Unsay



Materials: Curved, frosted glass
Size: 30x21 cm
One element 30 x 21 cm - as usual paper size. Installation size around 650 x 450 cm, depending on the space, the installation size may vary.
Price: 21 000 Eur

Gallery “Meno parkas” presents an installation by Dalia Truskaitė – Unsay.

The idea of this work… what did I want to say with it? Simply nothing. I didn‘t want to state something, to actualize, to bring up problems, to give a meaning, to attract attention, to show certain opinions or to defend certain positions. I just wanted to create a quiet place, where everyone would be able to slide their thoughts calmly, everyone his one.

In a world full of noise, when it feels like every cell of your body wants to announce something, I miss these saying nothing pauses.

– Dalia Truskaitė