Materials: Glass objects, sound

Price: One piece 2000 Eur

Dalia Truskaitė (Lithuania)
Sound Tomoo Nagai (Japan)

The installation is intended for fair visitors tired of “consumption” of art. Maybe it will involve you in meditative exploration, resonating, maybe it will help you calm down, return “to yourself” (or “go out of yourself”, if there, inside you, everything is already abundant). This is a “resting chair” for those trying to see everything, a “mini-break” for those who want to be everywhere.


While I was creating this piece, an object itself was much less important than the very fact of covering: covering something tangible, such as part of the interior or some details—and, perhaps, something intangible such as past, values, thoughts, memories, etc. In each context there is something that could be covered, or there are things that we would like to cover thus creating a pause of silence.

The glass as such was not important as material. What was important were additional meanings and implica