Materials: Mixed media (painted tin ducts, vases, decorative cushions, napkin)
Size: 300x350x130 cm
Price: 5000 – 10 000 eur

From the tin ducts used in the ventilation system of the rooms, the formations, resembling organic forms are formed, as if probing the environment in various directions, as a hint of being between this world and the next. This world is a artificially created comfort zone, and the other is the real world, as if it does not belong to us and disturbing us of the volatibility of its own, although we have greatly contributed to this volatility. The comfort zone is not necessarily a cozy home – it is an effort to create an ideal ecosystem as an alternative to the outside world. To live in a comfort zone, it is not enough to create rational conditions necessary for survival – without conventional comfort attributes, even at an ideal temperature, the premises will be “cold”. Attributes of comfort – lace napkin, vases, cushions – their primary purpose is quite utilitarian, but next to their practical purpose, they have another, metaphysical meaning – they give meaning to the territory inhabited by people and can be treated as a kind of amulets. On the other hand, these objects are a unique human marking of the territory – even when renting an apartment or settling in an office, people often bring a personal interior detail – a thing that is important to them. Making sense of things and objects as a result of abstract thinking is the basis of civilization, but the question is where does their excessive use lead – to utopia or dystopia?