Erotic massage for a wood sculpture



Materials: Mixed media

132 x 200 x 200 cm5min
Price: 2000 – 5000 eur

The relationship between the author and the sculptural object developed during the creative process is always special and multi-layered. I removed the layers of bark from the tree burl, as if I undressed it gently. The polishing process revealed surface relief of a sleek shape and it became more and more fleshlike. The materiality and form of the object clearly suggest its natural completeness. In the shown video projection, the oiling of the wood is performed with the systematic movements of an erotic massage master. Although it is a special tactile method, at first glance it is almost no different from ordinary surface coating with oil. A slight change in hand movement creates a new meaning and raises the question – are we seeing the work by fetishizing it.