Materials: Mixed media
Size: 600x600x600 cm
Price: 2000 – 5000 eur

Installation “Milieu” from the “Quick Response” exhibition.

In the solo exhibition “Quick Response”, Julija Pociūtė continue the main topic of her work – the research of multi-layered reality. In order to engage the viewer in the visual experience, J. Pociūtė conveys the duplication of images as separate layers of reality. In this way, a field of visual vibration is created, in which the perception of the person and the environment is rethought.

The leitmotif of the exhibition becomes the connection between nature and the social world, or perhaps rather – the separation between them. According to the scientist J. Rouse, such a distinction exists only in the created notions that form the general perception of humanity, therefore dichotomies as fact and value, nature and culture, etc., are quite often actualized in Western culture. Such contradictions, according to researchers of philosophy of sustainability, are related to the ecological challenges seen today. This encourages us to rethink the reality, which is strongly influenced by the process rather than the consequence-oriented approach. “Quick Response” is an effective, fast or smart decision in relation to nature, although Pociūtė does not provide any answer in the exhibition, but rather analyzes how separate layers of perception and different representative mechanisms overlap, creating various confrontations.