Materials: Video, sound, kombucha
Size: x150x250 cm3min 51s
Price: 3000 Eur

The work is about wellness practices, which promise renewal and improvement to people living in a constantly accelerating world and the confrontation of their expectations with reality.
The work creates a shelter, a new medium to activate the body’s metabolism, its transformation. The used kombucha skin acts as a membrane, a protective layer that creates favorable conditions for the growth of its culture. The skin acts as an intermediary between the individual and the world: it is the place where sensory experience is stored. Can we preserve the experience recorded in the skin by creating an imprint of it? Can we emerge from it, grow a new skin? “Second Skin” promises to fulfill the fantasy of self-reinvention.
Observing the body covered with tea “mushroom” gives rise to conflicting feelings. The resemblance of the “mushroom” to the formations of skin or fat attracts and repels at the same time. Uncanny feeling is evoked – an unpleasant sensation that arises when confronted with an oddly familiar, but at the same time strange or scary image. This contradiction causes anxiety, distrust of reality and its proposed interpretations, wellness practices.