Self-portrets wondering about a pipe



Materials: Cast iron, clay, iron
Size: 300x100x100 cm
Price: 3600 Eur

Lately, I have been working with a self-portrait, it is a classical, but unexplored genre for me. This sculpture is inspired by the reflections of an art history: a combination of a Greek column and a self-portrait. The essence of the column is in it’s proportions. Height-to-width ratio is directly related to human proportions. Some type of columns reflects the female body, others were constructed to reflect the male origin. In this installation I try my own face proportions in the context of the Greek ideal. On the other hand, in modern times there is no “column”, there is no longer a clear standard to be compared to, so the column in my work becomes as vulgar as simply cut, inverted and welded iron pipe.