Axis code

2022 metai


Materials: Metal
Size: 500x1000x1000 cm
Price: 5000 – 10 000 eur

Modern world is known for people constantly trying to change the reality according to their own beliefs. Human history shows that this process is not only creative but also can be destructive at times. It is the relationship between human freedom and total relationship with other. A total relationship with other can be translated into various existential forms. Trying to control, attract, connect or rule over. You can see it in various human relationships from personal to interstate. Today freedom seems like something unreachable. Performance created by Monika Dirsyte and Agne Sabulyte “Axis code” asks people the question: Can you have a relationship that is not constraining? Can you feel the connection between existential transformation and keep your own uniqueness? Finally, we raise a question in the context of post humanist construction: What is the meaning behind humanity and what is the axis of it? Is it to move towards each other and then coming back to yourself?