OCTA:1 | MONO.PRELUDE. Koncertas 15-kai DC variklių



Materials: Mixed media
Size: 160x100 cm
500 x 500 cm (objektų išdėstymas)
Price: 3000 Eur

The installation explores connection between organic and non-organic objects’ nature by questioning the mechanical object’s supremacy and endurance versus the biological body. In this work, the utopian plot is being created where mechanical objects are taking over the human’s and organic structure’s functions. The metaphor of concert is used to emphasize the natural difference between those two objects (the action is related to the human/musician that has its biological limits/life cycle).

Mechanical systems maintain the ability to perform repetitive action ranges and their life cycle correlates more with technical failure which is opposite to what organic structures are being described. The technical systems’ structures can be more durable for environmental changes.

Biological and mechanical structures’ differences become the center of this installation. Which structure can resist and maintain better – human or mechanical/kinetic objects that create movement and sound.