The ash



Materials: Polyester, authentic burnt remains of barn gate

165 x 180 x 120 cm
Price: 5000 Eur

random wandering thoughts
activities that organize chaos
the fire consecrates
the past haunts
/wretchedness/ /mistral of desires/ /blue waters/
/gate/posts/ /gorgon/ /remains/ /ashes/ /unexpected/
wretchedness are all born to live
desires are usually excessive, unreasonable expectations
mistral is the wind that blows in France, or the local north
blue waters – Siniucha, a tributary of the southern Bug
barn gate pillars are reinforced entrance structure, not the pillars of Gedimin’as
a gorgon is an immortal monster
odds and ends are what is not yet ashes
the ash is the last visible form of matter
the unexpected is what we don’t yet know
The content and artistic value of the sculptural installation lies between these wandering meanings, places and times.
The work is a part of continuing idea and arises from the fate of an ordinary participant in history.
The return.