„Organisms dipping”



Materials: Video
Size: 5x5x1 cm6min 20s
Price: 1000 – 2000 eur

As the self converts into a transcendental anxiety that separates us from the outside world, it turns into the twinges of sighs. In a meaningless, timeless, airless space, the last gulps of freedom are frozen in the future, marking the end of abstraction. The tree of knowledge turns sour for everyone, replacing creative origins with the sap of the criminal landscape.
In the beginning, while exploring consciousness, I sought to express the dynamics of feelings: peace, meditation, lightness, and sometimes – perceived tension and fear. Despite the uncomfortable aesthetics, I tried to bring the viewer’s gaze to perform a repetitive exercise transforming their relationship with the environment, time and themselves. It is a sort of phenomenological meditation guided by the ideas of A. Mickūnas, M. Merleau₋Ponty, R. Musil, liberating oneself and directing towards the authentic thought and stimulating the artistic practice transmitted through different media.