Waiting for the snow



Materials: Mixed media
Size: 2x2.5x3.5 cm12min 15s
Price: 4000 Eur

We present a collaborative installation in ArtVilnius22 “Takas” – a transparent greenhouse construction. One of the walls displays Paulius’ video work “The monk”. The other wall consists of a fragmented photographic print on a transparent film of Laima’s graphic work Phosphogypsum, it is “framed” in the wall construction. The ideas for both works came from visiting areas that have been altered by industrial processes, observing and reflecting on how the relationship of man and nature is changing.
The greenhouse is an intermediate space between nature and non-nature, a shelter for vegetation from the cold. However, the greenhouse synthesizes the changes in nature’s cycles, it becomes an artificial ecosystem and is a reminder of the global problem of the greenhouse effect.
The greenhouse in our installation is a space for intermediate situations between nature and non-nature. The monk starts with snow-like mountains of phosphogypsum at the factory in Kėdainiai, then the snow becomes real, but as if it came from a dream. It reveals the changing relationship between man and nature, the consequences of this in people’s everyday lives, and the feeling of distance and alienation. “Phosphogypsum depicts the same phosphogypsum mountain, resembling a mountain landscape, although it is piled from the factory waste. The image of the mountain is “framed” in the wall construction, emphasizing the importance of the observation process. The image, seen from the inside and the outside, opens up the enclosed greenhouse space, creating a connection with the environment.