"Spring Is In The Air / 2022"



Materials: Drilling, cross-stitch
Size: 48x280x6 cm
Price: 18000 Eur

“Spring Is In The Air / 2022”

In the spring of 2022, not only the flowers and the leaves of the trees shot forth, but also a whole bouquet of war buds: hot, conventional, hybrid, economic, information, energy war…
The ecological threat of the Earth’s self-destruction, which had already established itself as a major global problem, along with the Coronavirus themes, withered away in a single day of hot war in the information fields. Criticism of the overconsumption of resources was suddenly replaced by panic about the scarcity of energy raw materials and the prospect of a less comfortable everyday life. It is only the sword of Damocles in the form of the nuclear catastrophe that still echoes the narrative of ecological risks.
The collection “Spring is in the Air/2022” is composed of old metal fuel tanks. Black-burning warehouses of military industry and petroleum products; Ukraine that has turned into a junkyard of rusted military equipment; the graveyard of metal and people from the “Azovstal” steel plant; the daily fluctuating graphs of the oil and electricity stock and (un)employment markets – nothing seems more stable than the rhythm of nature, which is constantly changing, but which still maintains a seasonality.

Tomas Kriaunevičius