Jūsų paslaugoms At your service



Materials: Mixed media
Size: 50x100x40 cm
Price: 1000 – 2000 eur

“At your service” is the integration of recognizable body forms in a functional context. The audience is invited to experience one’s self, not only through the inner world of thoughts and experiences but directly – through the physical form of the body.

In general, the “the body” topic is always present and relevant as it accommodates various contexts: exclusion by physical differences, examples as racism or sexism; the ideal shape – as a symbol of beauty, which can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle and through plastic surgery. equally; The human physique also serves as a form of self-expression: clothes, tattoos, piercings are examples. Those are only a few examples presenting the variety of themes that are conveyed on the social plane through the prism of the physical body.

Although, in this case, I am interested in – empowering the body functionally – turning it into a tool, giving it meaning, and at the same time raising the question: “where is my meaning, when the function ends?”