The Cooling Radio



Materials: USB fans, simple radio, shelf with an integrated sound-impulse converter, wires, the author’s framed drawing (graphite on paper, 61 x 46 cm)
Size: 210x400x25 cm
Price: 5000 Eur

The piece is inspired by the heated domain of information. News and announcements are constantly attacking us to the point that the information has become a continuous noise. Its ever-growing tension may only be cooled by the wind.

In the installation “The Cooling Radio”, sound is accentuated as a bodily sensation rather than a transmitter of information. The artwork converts radio programmes into wind by making 10 fans individually react to a simple radio signal by spinning (going faster or slower depending on the intensity of the music or the anchors’ speech). The fans also work as speakers. However, the sound they make is hardly noticeable, and is often overwhelmed by the wind. As the installation is interactive, the visitors are welcome to control the radio sound and search for their favourite radio stations.

The work is part of the research “Image and Sound as Tools for Controlling and Relaxing the Human Psyche”, sponsored by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.