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Florence Obrecht
Florence Obrecht
Stand: 3.14
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Michel Castaignet
Kathrin Landa
Florence Obrecht
Axel Pahlavi
Alexej Tchernyi
Alex Tennigkeit
Wu Zhi

During the pandemic the watchword is to stay at home. The world of artists, which is
made up of meetings and exchanges of ideas collapses and cultural life is reduced to a minimum, to the few images exchanged on social media. But in Berlin, the multicultural city per se, the rebellious city, the European crossroads of ideas, a collective of artists is created: Aambulanz. It brings together Michel Castaignet, Kathrin Landa, Florence Obrecht, Axel Pahlavi, Alexej Tchernyi, Alex Tennigkeit and Wu Zhi and it aims at being a drive for a new dynamism in the promised new world.

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