ARTIFEX. VAA textile gallery

Gaono g. 1 LT-01131 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +370 6 2569213 Facebook: Instagram:
Justina Gražytė
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Stand: 3.02
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė
Rūta Šipalytė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Artifex is a Vilnius Academy of Arts – affiliated gallery and studio in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a focus on contemporary textile, broadly-interpreted. It frequently features exhibitions by the Academy’s staff and students as well as prominent international artists, collective exhibitions and collaborations.

The guiding object at the core of the gallery’s focus lays materiality in all its reflexive and
physical forms. It welcomes projects that engage with the topic in a variety of ways: from
sound to cloth, from object to text, from thought to action. In doing so, Vilnius Academy of
Arts textile gallery Artifex seeks the re-discovery of textile under new and creative terms and
in unexpected and ever-changing circumstances. The gallery was founded in 2009.

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