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Andželika Baroti
Klaipėdos apskrities dailininkų sąjunga
Andželika Baroti
Stand: 5.12
„ArtVilnius’22“ presented artists:
Rodion Petroff
Dainius Liškevičius
All gallery’s presented artists:
Dainius Liškevičius
Rodion Petroff

Equilibristic maneuvering between modern classic and contemporary (not necessary postmodern) art searchings, the gallery presents the artists of characteristic style and authentic creative thinking. Latter, disregarding their country of origin, art genre they develope, the fame, i.e. the differences, are very similar in essence: with their ideological load, associative language, attention to technique, professionalism, harmony of form and subject.
An art gallery is a place where artist becomes “visible”, known and (make no secret) desirable. What is interesting in this case is that everything is implemented in Klaipėda, a city which does not distinguish itself for the dynamics of a rich art market. On one hand, we may treat it as an advantage – an open space of realization of ideas, yet on the other hand, the capability “to keep high level” where no competitive environment exists becomes an enormous challenge. Apparently, boldly accepted!
To be an artist of the BAROTI gallery or at least to exibit your works there has became a matter of prestige during twenty five years of the gallery’s existence. Today it has became a market sign, a label, which witnesses great quality, high standards and strong positions.
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