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Vilma Mačianskaitė
Vilma Mačianskaitė
Stand: 3.16
All gallery’s presented artists:
Butkutė Eglė
Dudoit Felicija
Fisheye Lina
Furmana Monika
Gailiūnas Raimondas
Lincevičius Petras
Remeikytė Diana
Vadlugaitė Rūta
Vrubel Danielė

Since 2016, Contour Art Gallery has been organising exhibitions in spaces that can best showcase the work of the featured artists.
Showing the work of the best Lithuanian artists internationally and building careers for talented young artists step-by-step are the main objectives of Contour Art Gallery.
The gallery cooperates with solid art institutions and museums. In 2023, the exhibition DUENDE in Madrid, organised by Contour Art Gallery reached an audience of almost 100,000 visitors
Our exhibition video documentary is published in the gallery’s YouTube channel.

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