Gertcen str 2a 220030 Minsk, Belarus Tel. +375296240232 Facebook: Instagram: @dk_gallery
Ekaterina Davydova-Visocke
Irina Davydova
Stand: 5.06
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Eugene Shadko
Aleksandra Pugacheva
All gallery’s presented artists:
Sergey Grinevich
Anatoliy Kuznetcov
Aleksandra Pugacheva
Ivan Semiletov
Eugene Shadko

Gallery of Classic and Contemporary Art. DK Gallery collection consists of the works by outstanding Belarusian artists, whose names are rightfully inscribed in the history of fine arts of Belarus. At the same time the gallery is committed to rediscover undeservedly forgotten authors. Exhibition concept of the DK Gallery is in maintaining and promoting the traditions of the Belarusian art, as well as engaging both recognized and aspiring masters in joint projects and exhibitions. Alongside with permanent gallery and exhibition work DK Gallery is also actively engaged in educational and research activities in the field of painting and art.

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