S_IN. Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Aušros al. 41 76300 Šiauliai, Lithuania Tel. +37065214488 lds.siauliai@gmail.com Facebook: facebook.com/SINartspace Instagram: @sin_art_space
Bronius Rudys
LDS, Šiaulių dailininkų organizacija
Stand: 3.41
„ArtVilnius’22“ presented artists:
Ričardas Garbačiauskas
Vaiva Kovieraitė-Trumpė
Vaidotas Janulis
All gallery’s presented artists:
Dagys Ramūnas
Garbačiauskas Ričardas
Janulis Vaidotas
Rudys Bronius

S_IN gallery opened in Šiauliai in 2019. It promotes professional art by presenting the work of contemporary artists and initiating conceptual art projects. Number and volume of artworks are determined by the intimate fifty-square-meters space, which is perfect for experimental expositions. S_IN’s exhibitions are presented on social networks, in media and various publications.

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