GALERIJA XX. Lithuanian Artists’ Association

Laisvės av. 7 LT-35200 Panevėžys, Lithuania Tel. +370 455 86830 Facebook:
Tomas Rudokas
Lithuanian Artists’ Association
Stand: 5.23
„ArtVilnius’20“ presented artists:
Girmantas Rudokas
Vytautas Tallat-Kelpša
“GALERIJA XX”, which belongs to Lithuanian Artists’ Association, and is established in 1993 y., represents art works  of local artists and artists from abroad. As well as organizes international plain airs every year, works with educational projects, represents Panevėžys town in Lithuania and worldwide. The main purpose of this gallery is to support every form of art  and its diversity, to motivate creators and their authenticity, to promote and represent them locally and internationally
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