Malūnų str. 6A 01200 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +37068661975 info@godo.lt https://www.godo.lt/ Facebook: /GODOgalerija Instagram: @gallery_godo
Lina Mrazauskaitė
Lina Mrazauskaitė
„ArtVilnius’24“ presented artists:
Andrius Makarevičius
All gallery’s presented artists:
Balas Emilija
Bluj Robert
Mrazauskė Noir Inga
„SinThesis Gang”

“GODÒ gallery” located in Vilnius, an artistic Užupis district, is a dynamic art space that showcases a range of contemporary art in different media. Since the end of 2018, in monthly exhibitions the gallery has already presented about 100 artists, and a significant number of them were showcased in annual group shows. Although the gallery mainly focuses on local artist, the geography of presented authors expands every year. As an independent art space, “GODÒ gallery” encourages artists to seek for new creative approaches to forms of expression and topics.

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