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Lina Mrazauskaitė
Lina Mrazauskaitė
Stand: 5.44
All gallery’s presented artists:
Balas Emilija
Bluj Robert
Juodakytė Dalia
Mrazauskaitė Noir Inga
„SinThesis Gang”

“GODÒ gallery” located in Vilnius, an artistic Užupis district, showcases a range of contemporary art in different media. Since the end of 2018, the gallery has aimed to be a dynamic art space and hosted more than 20 individual or group exhibitions of paintings, graphic art, photography, illustration and interdisciplinary art. Including group exhibitions the gallery presented more than 60 artists from Lithuania and foreign countries.

Although international exhibitions also find its place “GODÒ gallery” mostly focuses on local artists, both emerging and established. As an independent art space the gallery encourages artists to seek for new creative approaches to forms of expression and topics. Recently, the gallery has also been paying more attention to local authors working abroad to represent their unique creative features influenced by Lithuanian and foreign cultures.

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