Kurpių str. 12a 44287 Kaunas, Lithuania Tel. 862080627 Facebook: /IN.DOTarchitects Instagram: @in_dotarchitects
Enrika Riaukaitė
Enrika Riaukaitė ir Vida Giedra Savinske
„ArtVilnius’24“ presented artists:
Viktoras Paukštelis
All gallery’s presented artists:
Likšaitė Inga,
Oržekauskas Vladas,
Oržekauskienė Laima,
Paukštelis Viktoras,
Švaikauskienė Loreta,
Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė Monika.

The “In Dot Gallery” has been operating since 2010, founded by Enrika Riaukaitė and Vida Savinskė. The gallery is closely associated with the architecture and interior design studio “In Dot Architects,” with its premises located in the Old Town of Kaunas, within the “In Dot Architects” studio. The gallery exhibits several thematic works by contemporary artists at the same time.

“In Dot Gallery” collaborates closely with artists such as Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė, Loreta Švaikauskienė, Inga Likšaitė, Laima Oržekauskienė, Vladas Oržekauskas, and many others. Among the projects conducted by the gallery, noteworthy is the 2011 project “History Once More,” curated by Dr. Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė during the Kaunas Biennial. The gallery’s goal is to discover talented representatives of contemporary Lithuanian art and integrate their works into modern architectural projects. Therefore, “In Dot Gallery” is also a partner of the VDA (Vilnius Academy of Arts) Faculty of Kaunas.

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