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Vidas Poškus
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Vidas Poškus
Stand: 3.11
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Eimutis Markūnas

“Creatorium | Art Furnaces” is a red building with a tall chimney in the second courtyard of the old Vilnius Academy of Arts building (near the canteen). Since the mid-1980s it housed gas-fuelled furnaces for ceramic or pottery applications. Both furnaces (no longer operational) have survived to this day and they make a unique addition to the local environment. In recent years, the Creatorium has served as a storage facility for the VAA Museum’s exhibits. In summer 2016, this space began to serve as an alternative exposition venue. The main mission of the Creatorium is to present the artworks of students, teachers and graduates of the Academy as well as foreign colleagues in a less formal and more comfortable environment. The Creatorium serves as an exhibition lab and is used for artists’ exhibitions, music concerts, literary readings and other forms of creative expression and communication. The Creatorium is administered by the VAA Museum.

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