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Simona Skaisgirė
Meno rinkos agentūra
Stand: 5.17
All gallery’s presented artists:
Daugėla Kazys
Ercmonaitė Indrė
Gailius Pranas
Gračiovas Sergejus
Jasenka Antanas
Lankauskas Romualdas
Lapė Pranas
Maslauskaitė-Mažylienė Sigita
Mončys Antanas
Paukštelis Viktoras

„Kunstkamera“ Gallery started its activities in 2010, when the Art Market Agency (which also organizes the Vilnius Auction) moved into its current premises at Ligoninės str. 4, Vilnius. One often asks what the word „Kunstkamera“ means, or notices that the word is associated with the famous Kunstkamera founded by Peter the Ist in St. Petersburg. In fact, this German term means a certain phenomenon – the cabinet of art, collections (not only art, but also archeological, historical, natural) collections in a manor or a palace, which gave origin to museums, which is a kind of prototype of a museum. Our gallery is not a museum, but with this name we set a bar high, promising to display exhibitions and artworks that would not embarrass a museum, and on the other hand emphasize that we work mainly with collectors or heirs of artists’ creative heritage. Although, for the sake of fairness, we have to say that there are several contemporary authors with whom we work directly and systematically, the main line for our work is the presentation of authors who are “afar in time or space”. Several directions of work of the gallery „Kunstkamera“ are distinguished.
First of all, we mainly work with the authors of the diaspora: we regularly present the works of Pranas Gailius, Antanas Mončys, Pranas Lapė, we have organized exhibitions of Žibuntas Mikšys, Vladislovas Žilius, Romas Viesulas, Leonas Urbonas, Telesforas Valius, Antanas Tamošaitis. Perhaps the most complex project in this area of work with the diaspora was the group exhibition of diaspora artists “Departures. Abstraction in Diaspora Art” (2013), which featured abstract works by 17 diaspora authors ranging from Canada to Australia.
The second area we really like is photography. „Kunstkamera“ has held exhibitions by two diaspora artists set in USA: Kazys Daugėla (“Journey”, 2012, creative retrospective, 2019) and Algimantas Kezys (“Architectonica”, 2013). Exhibition “Steps”, presenting 9 representatives of the Lithuanian School of Photography (also presented at the ARTVILNIUS fair in 2014) was organized in Moldova, 2013.
The third area is Lithuanian classical art, both from pre-war and post-war periods. Exhibitions of pre-war works by Adomas Galdikas („Odyssey of Colors“, 2011), Jonas Buračas (2010, together with the exhibition we published a book about the artist), Ramazanas Krinickas and Natalija Luščinaitė Krinickienė (“From Oblivion …” 2012). Exhibitions by later artists: Zenonas Varnauskas (2011), Rimvidas Jankauskas – Kampas (2010, together with the exhibition we published a book about the artist), Linas Katinas (together with the exhibition we published a book about the artist), Vincas Kisarauskas “Small Formats” (2011), Sergejus Gračiovas “Travels and Ports” ( 2013), Vitolis Trušys “Light of the dark” (2014).
In recent years, the gallery has paid more attention to the presentation of directly represented artists – Sigita Maslauskaitė-Mažylienė, Romualdas Lankauskas and Viktoras Paukštelis.

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