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Irma Balčiūnienė
Molėtų krašto muziejus
Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė
„ArtVilnius’24“ presented artists:
Alvydas Lukys
Arvydas Ališanka
All gallery’s presented artists:
Rasa Leonavičiūtė
Alvydas Lukys
Mindaugas Skudutis
Julija Skudutytė

A branch of the Molėtai Regional Museum – the Molėtai Art Gallery , named “Action M” – was established in 1996. Its first managers – Dalia Cibauskaitė and Vygintas Čeikauskas-Mačius – organized professional art exhibitions and organized international painting and sculpture symposiums. During one such project, the Molėtai Sculpture Park was established, where the works of well-known artists such as Arvydas Ališanka, Mindaugas Navakas or Paulius and Svajonė Stanikai are exhibited.
Since 2002 the gallery is managed by the painter from Vilnius Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė. Continuing the tradition of symposiums in the Molėtai region (Videniškii, Girsteitiškii, Inturkei, Skudutiškii, Balninkai, Mindūnai, Alanta, Molėtai itself) every year, sometimes even several, plein-air paintings dedicated to this region and its culture and natural landscape are organized. Professional developers from various parts of Lithuania and abroad – Latvia, Poland, Sakartvelo, Germany, Romania, Gudija – participate in them. Art gallery 2010-2018 in the old house of doctor A. Jauniškis, located on Vilniaus Street, he implemented the project “Mollėtai inspires artists”, where famous Lithuanian and foreign artists, their personal exhibitions and ideas were presented to the general public during the city festival. Molėtai art gallery regularly participates in the contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius”.
In order to integrate local authors and future creators, attention is also paid to local artists, their exhibitions and projects, space is given to the final works exhibition of the Art Department of Molėtai Arts School, a regional overview exhibition of folk art. The purpose of the gallery is the dissemination of professional art and the formation of Molėtai as a cultural center of the region , its tasks are personal and group exhibitions, plein airs, symposia, other cultural and artistic events. 2017-2019 plein air painting was revived in Videniškii, purposefully and conceptually promoting this unique place in terms of art and culture. There, in the Videniški Monastery Museum, personal exhibitions of artists are organized on the initiative of the Molėtai Art Gallery, and the exhibition “Angels” is held every year.

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