Viktorija Kazlienė
Municipality of Molėtai district
Stand: 5.06
„ArtVilnius’20“ presented artists:
Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė
Vidas Poškus
Mindaugas Skudutis
Molėtai Art Gallery, previously known as “Akcija M”, was established in 1994. Dalia Cibauskaitė and Vygintas Čeikauskas-Mačius were the first chiefs of the gallery. Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė, an artist based in Vilnius, became the head of Molėtai Art Gallery in 2002. Černiūtė carries on the tradition of plein-air painting events in Molėtai region (Videniškiai, Girsteitiškis, Inturkė, Skudutiškis, Balninkai, Mindūnai, Alanta, Molėtai). Famous professional painters and other artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Germany, Romania and Belarus participate in these events every year. During the years 2010-2018 Molėtai Art Gallery was hosting an art festival „Molėtai įkvepia dailininkus“. An extraordinary venue for the event was chosen – an old building in the city center, where Dr. A Jauniškis (1863–1941) used to live. Molėtai Art Gallery is participating in an art fair „ArtVilnius“ annualy. Graduation shows of Molėtai art school students are also taking place here, so are other art exhibitions of local organizations. Molėtai Art Gallerys aim is to promote professional art and it plays a very important role in forming Molėtai as a cultural center of the region. In 2017-2019, a plein-air painting event in historically important Videniškiai was revitalized. Molėtai Art Gallery, in collaboration with Videniškiai Monastery Museum, is constantly organizing art exhibitions in the Monastery building.
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