PILOT. Experimental Art space of Art Academy of Latvia

Riharda Vāgnera 3 LV1050 Rīga, Latvia Tel. +371 254 66573 sabine.vernere@lma.lv https://www.lma.lv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pilotLMA Instagram: pilot_lma
Sabīne Vernere
Art Academy of Latvia
Stand: 5.12
All gallery’s presented artists:
Kristians Brekte
Jānis Dzirnieks
Veronika Frolova
Annemarija Gulbe
Brenda Jansone
Miķelis Mūrnieks
Līga Spunde
Jānis Šneiders
Amanda ZIemele

Art Academy of Latvia – PILOT Experimental art space that exhibits a mix of Latvian and international artists. We wish to create strong relations with young artists, institutions and other galleries. Together we aim to create collaborations with the focus on shared opportunities and networks. PILOT was founded in 2020 in collaboration with EU4ART. Exhibition space is located in Old Riga – Riharda Vāgnera street 3.

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