Polocko g. 17 LT-01205 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +370 650 57236 Facebook: Instagram: @gallerytheroom
Liudas Remeika
Liudas Remeika
Stand: 3.43
„ArtVilnius’22“ presented artists:
Ieva Mediodia
Lukas Marciulevičius
Eglė Gineitytė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Budrytė Ina
Gineitytė Eglė
Marciulevičius Lukas
Mediodia Ieva
Erika Povilonytė

THE ROOM is a contemporary art gallery focusing on select professional artists, representing both the established names but also the up-and-coming talent.
In addition to participating in art fairs, the gallery puts on about 5 to 6 new shows each year. The main goal of the gallery is to introduce the latest works of well-known contemporary artists to the public, bring new names and promote contemporary art among different audiences.
THE ROOM was founded in 2017 and is located in Užupis, the old town of Vilnius.

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