TITANIKAS. VAA exhibition halls

Maironio g. 3 LT–01124 Vilnius, Lietuva Tel. (8 5) 210 01 36 titanikas@vda.lt vda.lt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vdatitanikas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vdatitanikas/ YouTube: VDA TITANIKAS
Vidas Poškus
Vilniaus dailės akademija
Stand: 3.08
„ArtVilnius’21“ presented artists:
Žygimantas Augustinas
All gallery’s presented artists:
Augustinas Žygimantas
Šulcas Fabijonas
Veščiūnas Albertas

The year 2009 marked the official opening of the Exhibition Halls “Titanikas” of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The VAA Exhibition Halls “Titanikas” develop their exhibition activities in two directions. The key priority is the presentation, dissemination and promotion of the works of the community of the Academy, i. e. students and teachers (both current and former). These exhibition spaces host the defence sessions of students’ diploma works. Moreover, curated exhibitions of the works of graduates and doctoral students in arts and design are organised in these exhibition halls each year. The gallery also serves an educational mission by holding retrospective historical exhibitions the forms of which refer to the developments in art history.

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