Užupio str. 28 01203 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +37069831672 info@tumogalerija.lt tumogalerija.lt Facebook: /TumoGalerija Instagram: @tumo_gallery
Martynas Tinfavičius
Martynas Tinfavičius
„ArtVilnius’24“ presented artists:
Alpha Odh
William Bakaïmo
Pabi Daniel
Obou Gbais
All gallery’s presented artists:
Bakaïmo William
Gbais Obou
Odh Alpha

TUMO Gallery, founded in 2018, initially focused on modern visual art by notable Lithuanian and Litvak artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. Over time, it expanded to include international contemporary artists, with a particular emphasis on promoting the work of contemporary African and African diaspora artists in Lithuania. Located in Užupis, the gallery hosts exhibitions of fine art and sculpture, residencies, and various art events.

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