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Daina Mattis, Laura Zaveckaitė, Aistė Kisarauskaitė, Julius Ludavičius + one silent co-director
Project at ArtVilnius'20 presented by Aistė Kisarauskaitė
„ArtVilnius’20“ presented artists:
Carl Lee
All gallery’s presented artists:
Carl Lee

“When I first moved to Buffalo I was struck by everyday beauty of the many single-family homes that make up a large part of the city. The iconic image of the house seemed to have endless variation, each a unique instance with its own histories. If houses are containers for our memories, the structures within which so many minor and major domestic events take place, then each week in this city a collective amnesia grows block by block, a city disappearing before our eys. The demolition of these structures  – by design or accident – and the speed, indiference, and violence with which it takes place; the transmutations of the scale, space, and even one’s sense of time – is breathtaking and tragic, and full of contradictions. Last House is an inquiry, part document, part memorial, to this changing built enviroment.” – Carl Lee

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