Vilniaus st. 39 LT-01119 Vilnius, Lithuania Tel. +370 614 46911 Facebook: Instagram: vaikujaunimogalerija
Eglė Kielaitė
Municipality of Vilnius & VšĮ VVJMG
Stand: 5.10
„ArtVilnius’20“ presented artists:
Loreta Zdanavičienė
Inga Dargužytė
All gallery’s presented artists:
Inga Dargužytė
Loreta Zdanavičienė
Vilnius Children and Youth Art Gallery was founded in 2004. Month by City Municipality and Jūratė Stauskaitė Vilnius School of Children and Youth Art. The gallery is not limited to exhibition activities (exhibitions of children's works, exhibitions of professional artists, youth exhibitions, exhibitions for children, etc.). There are also film screenings, concerts, educational sessions for families, book presentations, meetings with artists, birthdays are celebrated, calendar holidays are celebrated, cultural, social, projects and competitions are organized. The gallery has a creativity incubator for little ones "Galeriukas". It’s a space where you grow along with art. The main goals of the gallery are to educate the visitor of the art gallery and to grow and expand the audience of art and culture users; to form the active participation of children and youth in the cultural life of the city and the country; to organize creative educational sessions in order to acquaint children and young people with the latest art forms; to invite interesting and original authors, artists and creators from various fields to conduct creative activities for children.
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