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Artistic, Educational, and Other Exercises
“To be a teacher is my greatest work of art.”
Joseph Beuys, Energy Plan for the Western Man: Joseph Beuys in America
In the format of an exhibition, the EHU presents itself as an educational and artistic platform for critical, performative, contemporary action and thought. The main idea of this presentation is to present connections between artistic and educational or pedagogical practices led by EHU students, lecturers and/or professors. The quite often collaborative works relate to artistic research and (self)studies, their work and tasks with or by students, relationships with (art) academy and education in general, or the critique of the art/pedagogical system and more.
Ilja Bereznickas shares layouts from an animation film (2004) that celebrate the imagination of students in the class.
Vladimir Dovgialo presents two paintings “Space of Routine Life” (30/40 cm, acrylic/l, 2022) and “Did you read the instructions? (20/30 sm, acrylic/l, 2023).
Konstantinas Gaitanži exhibits “Anthem” (acrylic paint on canvas, 120/140 cm, 2019).
Hanna Melnikava presents a triptych from the series “Forgotten by Time” (alternative photographic processes: cyanotype (double toning, fragmentary toning), image size is 21×21 cm, 2021). The size of the work in frame with white space is 40×40 cm.
Artūras Raila organised a “Plaubel” camera photo session “Around the University” (2023) with EHU Master degree students: Olga Davydova, Darya Dziublenka, Svetlana Gužavina, Alisa Ioda, Svetlana Koleda, Yana Kandratsyeva, Dzianis Kavaliou, Alena Baranava, Natallia Markava, Katsiaryna Miats, Janis Povilaitis.
Žydrė Ridulytė will organise a workshop and make a special edition of museum gloves.
In the middle of the space, Sergey Seleckiy spreads his various works on paper (aquarelle, collage, drawings, etc.) of the past 5 (?) years that connect various themes of dreamy Vilnius and other landscapes of real and imaginary cities, surrealist humour, Piranesi-like prisons, critique of bureaucracy and many more.
Maksim Zhuk presents “COMIC LIFE 2023”, examples of the works of students in the Visual Design program for the Computer Graphics course (2022). Students were asked to draw a short sketch about their life, studies, or thoughts in the form of a comic strip. This method of reflection allows you to comprehend your everyday life and represent it. Comics tell stories through a combination of visual images. Modern comics have long ceased to adhere to the rigid approach to graphic expressiveness characteristic of the 60s of the last century. The variety of styles and techniques, and the departure from realism allow you to play with meanings and form complex narratives. Students could use any technique (within computer graphics) and any style, and the stories themselves did not necessarily have to depict reality directly. Metaphors and complex connotations are an important part of most sketches, although there are some that reflect reality almost «literally» (as much as possible in visual media).
Ilja Bereznickas
Vladimir Dovgialo​
​Konstantinas Gaitanži
Master’s degree students: Olga Davydova, Darya Dziublenka, Svetlana Gužavina, Alisa Ioda, Sviatlana Kaliada, Yana Kantratsyeva, Dzianis Kavaliou, Alena Baranava, Natalia Markava, Katsiaryna Miats, Ianis Safonov with the participation of professor Artūras Raila;
Hanna Melnikava
Žydrė Ridulytė
Sergei Seleckij
Maksim Zhuk presents a few works from “COMIC LIFE 2023”: Aliaksandra Naletko, Karalina Perunouskaya, Hanna Tsikhanovich
Curated by Valentinas Klimašauskas
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