May 21, 2019
Between 30 May – 2 June 2019 there will take place the jubilee 10th edition of the International Fair of Contemporary ArtVilnius’19. It will be accompanied by a special exhibition programme, as part of which MOCAK – for the fourth time – will be presenting some of its collection.
The exhibition Artist in the Field of Art comprises three photographic series and four video works related to art history, masterpieces, the creative process and the roles of the artist and the curator.
Andrzej Dłużniewski enters the field of art with his jocular illustration and interpretation and interpretation of two concepts: in his works  22 Figurative Paintings he himself becomes a figure to be confined in the frame, in turn, in the series Drawing of a Nude Study, a naked woman is drawing herself.
Géza Perneczky grapples with the ephemerality of art and its perception, also exploring the relationship between art and reality.
The artistic group Łódź Kaliska have recreated the scene from Manet’s painting The Luncheon on the Grass, parodying gestures that in the original were intended as solemn and symbolic.
Another artistic group, Azorro, provide an ironic take on the opinions spouted by art critics in their video The End of Art. They mock the fetishisation of the figure of the artist and pose the question whether provocation is a legitimate artistic tool in Is an Artist Allowed to Do Anything?

Shahar Marcus ironically acknowledges the position of the artist and status of art in society –video Homecoming Artist (Dresden). With a comical slant, he criticises the superficiality of the world of art and the role of the curator, which is often treated with undeserved esteem (video Curator).