April 18, 2016
The winner of the audience award at International Art Fair ArtVilnius’15, Monika Dirsytė was also met with acclaim by foreign art critics. Representing Meno Niša Gallery, Monika will give her performance “I’m your sun” at Berlin’s famous Galerie Burster on 19 March.
Monika Dirsytė (born 1989) is currently one of the most active performance artists in Lithuania. A student of master’s degree in sculpture at Vilnius Academy Arts, Monika has been interested in the genre of performance art since 2012. Her performances are outstanding for visuality: the artist’s focus is not only on the act she performs, but also on the whole environment which she is creating herself. According to art critic Deima Žuklytė, monotony is a characteristic property of Monika Dirsytė’s creative work: “Monotony is determined by a continuous repetition of acts and sounds which are characteristic of all performances of Dirsytė. Here we can see a tendency to create modern rituals that guarantee stability in the rapidly changing world. The artistic performance is as if an element standing out against the daily-life context and marking a section in the artist’s own life.
“I’m your sun” has been the best performance by Monika Dirsytė so far, presented by the artist at art fairs ArtVilnius, ArtMarket Budapest, international exhibitions in Vilnius, Šiauliai, etc.

After the tremendous success at ArtVilnius’15, Dirsytė’s performance visited Budapest. In October 2015, this work was presented by Meno Niša Gallery at Art Market Budapest. “I’m your sun” attracted a lot of attention from the visitors of the art fair and the media which covered the performance as one of the best works of the art fair.

Impressed by Dirsytė’s performance, the representatives of Galerie Burster (Berlin) invited the artist to show “I’m your sun” in Berlin. “In Vilnius and Budapest, the spectators were deeply impressed by Dirsytė’s performance. We have received many invitations to present the artist in foreign galleries. Burster is a perfect place for Berlin’s audience to get familiar with Monika Dirsytė’s artwork. Then she’ll head for London”, – says Sonata Baliuckaitė, curator at Meno Niša Gallery.
Performance “I’m your sun” by Monika Dirsytė will open Foris exhibition at Galerie Burster on 19 March. During the 2-hour performance, the artist will stay closed in a 3-metre pipe. The artist will use the transparent bottom of the pipe to let every visitor feel personally the absolute striving for love imprisoned in the seemingly never-ending tirade of words “I’m your sun, I love you”.
We kindly invite you to visit the opening of Galerie Burster in Berlin (Kurfürstendamm 213) on March 19. The opening and Dirsytė’s performance is at 7 p.m.