Lewben Art Foundation

Ugnė Bužinskaitė
Edgar Aronov, Ugnė Bužinskaitė, Justė Jonutytė, Giedrė Marčiulaitė, Olga Temnikova

On October 15th the Lewben Art Foundation will present the exhibition “How Soon is Tomorrow. Collecting NFTs“ in the project zone of the art fair “ArtVilnius’21”.

The exhibition will feature some of the first successful NFTs: CryptoPunks, Chromie Squiggle, MoonCat, and others, as well as the established artist Damien Hirst who had begun experimenting with NFT and his work “The Currency”, Lithuanian artist Robertas Narkus, Estonians – Katja Novitskova and Tommy Cash. This exhibition will look into both the newly arising platforms for art as well as collecting trends that have emerged in 2021 to draw attention to the world of NFT that is just beginning to be explored. In this newly arisen world in 2021 NFT art broke both sales records and led to the birth of new type of collectors who focus exclusively on NFTs, and also encouraged art institutions to take an interest in or purchase NFTs for private collections.

The NFTs presented in the exhibition will be both from the collection of the Lewben Art Foundation and other private collections.