March 29, 2017 Renginio akimirka
On Thursday evening, the “Join the Club” contemporary art fundraising night was held in Vilnius, being the first event of such a type organised in Lithuania by International Art Fair ArtVilnius and Law Firm COBALT, Maecenas of the Art Fair.
During the event, the attendees had the opportunity to feel the format of world’s popular Artist at the Table dining experience of having an artist seated at each table together with other guests. The attending business representatives enjoyed the company of famous Lithuanian artists: Rūta Katiliūtė, painter, the winner of the National Award, Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė, the author of the Best Installation at ArtVilnius’16, Beatričė Mockevičiūtė, the Best Young Artist at ArtVilnius’16 and the winner of Cobalt’s prize, painter Jolanta Kyzikaitė, and artist and researcher Julijonas Urbonas.
“It’s been five years already since our law firm started sponsoring Art Fair ArtVilnius and introduced a special cash prize to help young artists launch their creative activities. We are therefore very happy to be able to invite all those who are not indifferent to art, are willing to foster it and contribute to the development of progressive society, to this fundraising night for contemporary art which is the first one held in Lithuania. We believe that the money received for entrance and lottery tickets will help our artists show their works that have not been displayed anywhere else, and will contribute to further growth and expansion of the Art Fair to become an even more striking event not only in Lithuania but all over Eastern Europe”, welcomed those present Irmantas Norkus, the managing partner of Cobalt in Lithuania.
The top of the dinner night was the opening of the ArtVilnius’ Art Club which honorary members included long-time Maecenases of the Art Fair, Irmantas Norkus, the managing partner of Cobalt in Lithuania, and Vilius Kavaliauskas, the chairman of the board of Lewben Group. All guests of the dinner night had the exclusive opportunity to become the first members of the unique Art Club.
“Every year our Art Fair sees a growing interest in contemporary art, increasing sales of artworks and spectators’ willingness to know and understand. Hence, we have decided that we need an idea to bring contemporary art lovers together. The Art Club of ArtVilnius will offer its members exclusive programmes during art fairs in Lithuania and abroad, art tours to the most interesting exhibitions, meetings with renowned artists and visits to their art studios, meetings with art experts, and lectures on art, art market and collecting”, said Diana Stomienė, the directress of ArtVilnius.
Performance of live sculptures “Overheard at the Art Fair” by Dutch artist Guda Koster also attracted a great deal of attention from the guests. During the performance, the audience could hear three sculptures in conversation about the feelings and dreams of art works. Also, a report on a passion for collecting, the most interesting collections and unexpected investments was made by art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis, this year’s winner of a Government Prize.
During the evening, the guests not only enjoyed the art-inspired dinner, but also participated in a fundraising lottery where participants had a chance of winning a painting by Jolanta Kyzikaitė. Almost 5,000 euro raised during the event will go to support International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations TAKAS (PATH) to be presented at ArtVilnius’17 on 8-11 June.  This exhibition has become an integral part of the art fair which brings intriguing new projects and artworks every year. The money received during the fundraising dinner will give the opportunity to showcase creative works of young talented artists.

The main sponsors of the fundraising event and establishers of lottery prizes included: Grožio Chirurgija Clinic, IDW Esperanza Resort & SPA, Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, BC Lietuvos Rytas, Dine Restaurant, global leader in business travel management Carlson Wagonlit Travel with RusLine Airlines, and painter Jolanta Kyzikaitė.

Photos by Marius Žičius