Two-Headed Horse

Technika: video, garsas
5min 54s
Kaina: 20 000 – xx 000 eur

The contingency of the Two-Headed Horse
Is one, that changes the events’ course
From non-sense to sense, from wrong to right,
Such is the creature’s graceful light”
Excerpt from „Two-Headed Horse” (2021)


Agnieszka Polska is most well-known for her analytical, hypnotic, and multi-layered video installations. At the core of her practice lies the consideration of the individual within the collective. Indeed, often reflecting on her own position as an artist and the function of the artist within society, Polska unearths the ethical ambiguities that the individual faces as situated in, yet producer of, the shared reality that we experience together. Her works expose the deep metaphysical oscillations between universality and being, and the mechanics behind such movements – image, technology, language, poetry, imagination, perception.


„Two-Headed Horse” is a collaborative video work by Agnieszka Polska and Sam Samiee.

They experienced a special moment of observation together, which was filmed by Sam Samiee and translated into poetry by Agnieszka Polska. An intriguing frozen moment becomes magical.