Aš ir kiti viešus eskizus įkvėptus Peterio Weisso pjesės Maratas/Sadas. “I and Others” public sketches inspired by Peter Weiss’ play Marat/Sadas


Director: Janis Povilaitis


Performers: students of the program „Theater Arts and Acting” EHU


Dancer: Ana Novickaja



The performance „Me and othrs” is a contemplation on the nature of individuality and community. Moving bodies coming into contact, the mass and the crowd, leaders and followers, these themes arise in the space of the performance and vanish forever. How can a crowd assimilate an individual, crushing their will and intentions, or elevate another, giving great power to their insignificant desires? Isn’t our time the greatest struggle between dictatorship and democracy? We often say that dictators are mad, but if the crowd goes mad, isn’t the one who opposes it also considered mad?
Peter Weiss’s play „Marat/Sade” served as the starting point for these reflections. Characters from this play, like ripples on the water, suggest the direction of the performance’s flow. However, at the same time, the carnivalesque nature of the play itself escapes control, leaving the question open: who here is the spectator, and who is the narrator?